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Aquaponics and STEM Australia

STEM education is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students specifically in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as part of an overall rounded education. Uniquely STEM education supports teaching the four areas in a cohesive and integrated way, keeping students engaged and showing them how it can be applied to everyday life. STEM curriculum extends from play based learning in preschool, to research based learning in senior schools.

The STEM programs combine the theoretical learning and the hands on, practical based learning. Teachers are increasingly time poor, students are requiring more diverse support and facilities are expecting higher levels of outcomes. Therefore streamlining and outsourcing programs for STEM initiatives are increasingly popular.

Aquaponics in Australian schools is a new and exciting opportunity in STEM education. An aquaponic school project can provide the teachers and the students with a directive and the direction for learning. Aquaponics is an excellent way to demonstrate many STEM principles including; science, agriculture, maths and sustainability. Aquaponics is interdisciplinary in its approach to learning, integrating climate, chemistry, economics, physics and engineering in what, at first glance, just looks like biology.

The economy behind agriculture and consumption of food is difficult to teach in a basic science class and is therefore often overlooked. But aquaponics is a way to increasingly make students aware of alternative farming methods and develop a deeper understanding of the whole sector around farming and food.

Urban Green Farms offer many options and packages to support the integration of aquaponics in Australian schools, supporting teachers to support students in their learning of STEM principles.

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