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Ruyton Girls School Kew Adopts Aquaponics in the Classroom!

Ruyton Girls School Kew (Melbourne) is getting ahead of the education game, adopting Aquaponics into their school curriculum via Urban Green Farms.

Grade 1 Classroom

This week the Urban Green Farms team ventured out to Ruyton Girls School in Kew in Melbourne, to set up an Aquasprouts and Urbipod unit in the grade 1 classroom. The first class in the school to ever have access to the new technology and systems at the school.

The students were treated to a live, first hand demonstration on how to set up, and grow their very own produce in the classroom. Cress, parsley, basil and rocket will be sprouting in just a few days!

The lesson started as a simple demonstration that allowed the girls to get up close and personal with the set up and watch it all unfold. A truly unique offering to help facilitate a new approach to learning, adopting the STEM disciplines. A true introduction to sustainable farming and growing plants through regenerative farming practices that requires no soil!

The lesson ran for an hour, with teachers and student asking a magnitude of questions. The course guide allowed kids to take notes and follow the journey of the plants with a lesson plan to match.

This excellent school is one of Melbourne finest, a first in Metro Melbourne to adopt the new teaching practices and is already looking at expanding the offering to classrooms in the mid and senior school classrooms in each year level.

We look forward to following their plant growing journey, and what they decide to name the fish! We also look forward to watching them learn to grow and discover plants, ecosystems and sustainable practices for the future.

For more information on how your school can access to these amazing products, head to www.urbangreenfamr.com.au and enquire today.

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