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Urban Green Farms launches Go Fund Me campaign to restore bushfire regions and save Wildlife!

The Fires have ravaged our land, leaving a heart-wrenching trail of devastation and destruction. The cleanup and rebuilding process has already begun in many parts of the country, however, what about the burnt-out homes of our unique native animals, birds and insects? Australia has reportedly already lost over 1 Billion native animals in these fires, devastating an area greater than size of England. Given the immense scale of destruction, we need to aid and assist the regeneration of our forests to provide food and shelter for the animals that thankfully survived. With the scarcity of food and shelter that comes after fires of this magnitude, starvation, disease, predation becomes the next biggest threat to our native animals. We want to deploy the latest in natural organic biological technology, to assist the rapid growth of plants and trees to restore the natural food source and habitats for these poor creatures. By naturally restoring the soils microbiome, we are enabling life to breath back into the ecosystem. Providing the building blocks for a healthy and balanced environment. Our aim is to rapidly stimulate the growth of our native grasses, shrubs and trees. When a fire passes through an area, it not only burns the trees and plants, it also bakes the topsoil leaving it void of life. By treating this soil with natural beneficial bacteria and trace minerals, we can improve the soils composition and water holding capacity, resulting in healthier and faster-growing plants. We are currently working with the Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-Operative Ltd (GEGAC) which has been serving the Aboriginal and wider East Gippsland communities for over 30 years. We will working with GEGAC and various associated communities to identify areas with the most vulnerable wildlife, and plan to deploy this solution as quickly as possible.


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