The Lucius LED Grow Light is designed to efficiently provide maximum levels of grow light with minimum power consumption. It is the ideal option for Greenhouses, Vertical Farms and Indoor Gardens.


With a peak “Effective PPF Efficacy”, the Lucius LED Grow Light can achieve 1200 μmol/s (which is the highest light saturation point for plants) without emitting excessive heat. Whereas, HID light systems (HPS/MH/CMH) have more trouble achieving 1200 μ mol/s because of high temperature issues.


By using LED technology, users can ensure maximum light is achieved while eliminating the risk of burning plants whilst maintaining sustainable energy useage. 


The Lucius LED Grow Light is equipped with the latest safety features that protect against overloading, short circuit, over temperature, over and under voltage protection. It complies with international standard IEC and meets EMI / EMS requirements.


The Lucius LED Grow Light comes pre assembled, tested and assessed by strict quality control processes. This product allows a Daisy chain option allows to connect multiple units together. The multi-purpose bracket provides installation options for Greenhouses, vertical farms and also allows hanging, inter-lighting and under-lighting options.


Full Cycle Series: Suitable for plant growth from start to finish. The FC series provides enough blue & red spectrum for the duration of growth. The far red spectrum penetrates the plant canopy to allow plant growth at lower levels. This lamp is truly the perfect semi-commerical/ commerical lighting unit. 


Lucius Commercial Leds- Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Artikelnummer: AU-M2150