Worm farming is one of the easiest ways to compost kitchen waste and create a zero waste household, business or school.  You can keep worm farms in any shaded area away from the harsh Australian sun.  Worm farms are particularly suitable for people living in units, small residential lots and small families. 


Tumbleweed Worm Farm systems are now available for delivery across Australia. Urban Green Farms delivers across all major metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania and most regional areas.

Worm Farms

Package Type
  • The Worm Feast is an in-ground worm farm that is the perfect low maintenance solution for families to recycle organic waste at home. The unit is installed into a raised garden bed, allowing worms to move in and out through the holes in the worm farm to digest kitchen scraps and return nutrients into the surrounding soil.

    In-ground worm farms are easy-care and do not require castings to be harvested. Instead, the worms work in a sustainable system of delivering the castings directly into the surrounding soil. For this reason, the Worm Feast is fantastic in a vegetable bed, to nourish and feed your veggies for a really tasty, lush crop.

    Once established, this unit will process 1-2kg of kitchen scraps every week. For families that produce more organic waste, Tumbleweed recommends installing multiple Worm Feast units, as a scaled recycling solution.

    To start this worm farm, we recommend 500 composting worms. Worms not included.

    Compact and easy composting. Suitable for all gardens, even raised garden beds and balcony gardens.

    Benefits and Features

    •  Composts organic waste fast
    •  Locking Lid
    •  100% UV stabilised recycled plastic
    •  Made in Australia


    •  Locking lid
    •  100%UV protected recycled plastic
    •  Easy to assemble and install
    •  51.5cm Height
    •  31.4cm Diameter