This complete hydroponic vertical garden kit can turn anyone into a green thumb…   Perfect for busy people, it’s fully automated and simple to set-up & maintain.  Top quality parts & accessories, attractive modular design, large growth capacity with 20 individual plant sites.


You can enjoy a large thriving garden from any small space.   With the massive 60 liter reservoir, simply top up the water every week or two.   3 color options include Stone, Terracotta, Black


What’s Included (The complete kit!)


  • 5 x large (45cm width) Stacky Pots (20 plant sites)
  • Custom 60 litre water reservoir with lid
  • Specialist drip distribution head, valves and custom fittings
  • Submersible water pump (1 year warranty)
  • Electric timer
  • 70 litres Organic Coco Coir growing medium
  • 2 litres perlite
  • 2.5 litres hydroponic grow nutrient (2 month supply)
  • Detailed installation & growing guide

    Product Details

  • Weight: 6 kg (without soil or plants)
  • Dimensions: 49cm width x 49cm length x 148cm height
  • Volume: Total 70 litres root growth capacity (14 litres p/pot

Vertical Self Watering Grow Tower 1.5M

Artikelnummer: TOW001
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