Introducing Smart Cara, a state of art indoor food waste recycling composter for the home. Simply load the food waste in the removable basket and turn on. In as little as 3 hours, depending on moisture content, the system will dry and grind upto 1kg of kitchen scraps, including chicken bones and seafood shells into a highly matured, nutrient-rich flake at around 10% of the original volume. This makes it an ideal additive for the garden or reduces your bin waste. There are no enzymes, pellets or additives required.


The benefits
- Deals with food waste at the source – reduces your handling costs.
- Breaks down food waste by drying then grinding the kitchen scraps into approx. 10% of the original size.
- Has the ability to grind chicken bones and seafood shells.
- Turns waste food into a dry flake, nutrient-rich food for soil, a renewable source of energy or animal feed.
- Long storage capabilities without degradation.
- Strong environmental credentials.

The features
- Depending on moisture content, approx 3 hour QUIET process.
- 3 stages, Dehydration / Grinding / Cooling.
- Low Energy Use – 0.5~1kw depending on moisture content.
- No venting, draining or additives are required.
- Unique filters eliminate odour.
- Basket has a 1kg capacity and is dishwasher safe.
- Easy one-touch operation.
- Compact size 270(W) x 300(D) x 350mm(H).
- Smart Cara is lightweight at 9kg.

Zero Waste Unit by Smart Cara

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